Dance in Art specifically designs a training and performance regime, which will meet the requirements for young graduates, indeed one that provides that professional level guidance which is so critical. DiA works on perfecting the art and technique of young students as a formula for future professional practice, providing an ideal platform for future dancers and talented young choreographers to gain knowledge for the future.

DiA alumni can be seen leading or performing with dance companies across Europe, presenting independent work at theatres and arts centres, and also as inspirational teachers and choreographers across the dance industry.

A small sample of the dance companies, dance centers and production houses some of our graduates have joined:

Pauliina Pakarinen: Finish National Ballet, Finland

Shannon Mary May: Mystic Ballet II & Mystic Ballet Connecticut, USA

Kahlia de Matos: ODD Continents, NL

Kahlia de Matis, Rita Correia: Gross Dance Company, NL

Eloise Chia: HNDRD Min Hee Bervoets, Belgium

Ione Barton: Opus Ballet Company in Florence, Italy

Madeline Harms, Rachele Crespi, Eloise Chia: Itzik Galili, Dutch National Opera & Ballet, NL

Mathilde Pailley: SEAD Academy, Austria

Samantha Raymond, Marion Bosetti, Rocio Laura: Herman van Veen, NL

Christine Janák: Ballet 5:8, Chicago, USA

Elena Pera: Mandala Dance Company, Italy

Paola Ghidini, Lucia Gugerli: Isabelle Beernaert, Belgium

Madeline Harms: David Middendorp, NL, UK

Maria Lakka: National Opera of Armenia, Armenia

Jaana Blume: Lonneke van Leth Producties, NL

Nikolett Pelles: De Kiss Moves, Fusion Dance Theater Company, NL

Madeline Harms, Marion Bosetti: Korzo Productions, NL

Madeline Harms: TanzMainz, Germany

Paola Ghidini: Chasse Dance Studios, NL

Nikolett Pelles: Codarts, Master Dance Therapy, NL

Malika Berney: Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK

Malika Berney: Artez, Arnhem, NL

Nana Anine Jorgensen: Iwanson, International School of Contemporary Dance, Germany

Nana Anine Jorgensen: CDSH, Contemporary Dance School Hamburg