Rachele Crespi
Teacher Contemporary

She started her professional dance education at Balletto di Toscana, where she studied ballet, contemporary ; Graham and Horton techniques. At the age of 18 she joined the Antitesi Ensemble, a junior company directed by Arianna Benedetti, who works on the precision and sharpness of the movements in a very physical demanding way. With this company she performed ”Maschere” and ”MeeM” productions. September 2014 she joined the Dance in Art Junior Comany, there she absorbed, discovered and played by mixing different movement qualities and adapting them to her own style, making it richer and more free.

September 2015, Rachele Crespi joined the Dance in Art team as a contemporary teacher. In her classes she looks for precision, softness, musicality and energetic attitude through exercises that contain floor-work, acrobatics and body conditioning.