Dance in Art

Welcome at Dance in Art
We are happy to announce that we can slowly open the studio again and that we can start the new season like we planned. Till June 30th the studio will be open for individual use and we will continue with private classes and coaching.
Season 2020 – 2021 dancers can redo a term or the entire year.
Go to the following link for more info about the protocol for dance education.

You can apply for 2021 entry

About us

Dance in Art (DiA) is a private center for dance, art education and performance training. DiA offers a unique learning and research environment for aspiring artists and dance practitioners.

“The core of each form of art is to place everyday and ordinary examples of human expression into an existential and universal perspective. It looks for ways to express the essence of our existence in this world”.

Broedplaats Bogota

Dance in Art is located at Broedplaats Bogota, an area that offers studio space to 250 artists from Amsterdam and Haarlem. 

“DiA has given me so much energy to push through my fear and to look forward to the new challenges that are coming.”

Jet Leang / Choreographic Research Program

“Working and collaborating with dancers from different backrounds to explore and expand teaching methods, is one of the great opportunities that Dance in Art has given me.”

Vivian Pratanou / Dance Research Program

“Dance in Art is warm, creative, young, dynamic and organic.”

Malika Berney / Mentorship Program

“She gave me the key to step out from my comfort zone, thanks to Martine van Santen and Dance in Art 15/16 I know that anything is possible. If you stay hungry and go after your goals no matter what! Dance to feel good!”

Pauliina Pakarinen / Dancer DiA Junior Company