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“DiA has given me so much energy
to push through my fear and to look
forward to the new challenges
that are coming.” Jet Leang 

Postgraduate Program

Choreographic Research Program

The purpose of the DiA Choreographic Research program is to capture the vision of the next generation of dance artists. This program is for students with an established background in choreography. It has proved particularly fruitful for mature students who have been choreographing for some time and wish to take time to reflect on their work within a supportive environment. Students will create original works that foster cross-fertilization between choreography and other artistic disciplines. The focus of the program will encourage the development of concepts and processes, which expand the language and aesthetics of interdisciplinary dance performances.

The DiA Choreographic Research program aims to support practice-as-research in the field of the performing arts, including expanded notions of different art disciplines as well as dance and choreography. We aim to further educate and to empower choreographers to be self-critical, proactive, and able to sustain their artistic singularity within the contextual embedding of their practice.

The program will strictly limit admission to support two DiA Choreography students per year so that the process of study for each artist can be fully supported.

The curriculum is designed to allow each graduate student to explore their own unique creative processes, to define their own particular aesthetic, and to discover and develop their own distinctive movement and performance language.

The final project questions the common parameters of dance and interdisciplinary art. It will manifest as a project or performance, and could take the form of a site-specific work, an installation, a video, a collaborative piece or a work involving non-trained dancers.

Program Includes:

–  Choreography Seminars in:

  • Aesthetic Concepts
  • Choreography 
& Composition
  • Interdisciplinary Methodology

–  Creation of a group piece for full theatrical production.

–  Creation of a solo for a studio space.

–  Creation of a practice-based interdisciplinary art research project.

–  Guidance for Final Project.

–  Completion of a choreographic portfolio.

–  Optional technique classes.

Taught program: 70%
Independent research: 30%

Optional: full-time dance training

Duration Options

Accepted choreographers may choose to enroll in this program for:
1 year,
6 months (on request),
12 weeks (on request).

Dates Season ’23 – ’24

28 SEPTEMBER ’23 – 30 JUNE ’24

TERM 1 – 2 OCTOBER ’23 – 29 MARCH ’24
TERM 2 – 9 JANUARY ’24 – 30 JUNE ’24

TERM 1 – 28 SEPTEMBER ’23 – 18 DECEMBER ’23
TERM 2 – 9 JANUARY ’24 – 29 MARCH ’24
TERM 3 – 1 APRIL ’24 – 30 JUNE ’24

Admission Requirements

Applicants will be required to submit an updated CV, a letter of motivation explaining your rationale for wanting to participate in the program, a clearly formulated research plan, two references and links to videos of your work. Artists are accepted into the program based on their qualifications, portfolio and submitted research plans (questions, methods, and professional aims). International students can be accepted without attending the interview audition, if their video and other supporting documents give adequate evidence of excellence.

To apply for the DiA Choreographic Research Program, please fill out the application form below and send application material via email to info@danceinart.n


3 terms / 1 year: €4.490,-
2 terms / 6 months: €3.740,-
1 term / 3 months: €2.990,-

Registration fee (non refundable): €775,- (€600,- will be subtracted from the total fee when participating in the program).

Fees are excluded 21% VAT for choreographers over 21 years of age.

Administration costs: €25, –

The first part of the registration fee €175, – + €25, – administration costs (total €200, -) must be paid within 14 days after signing the DiA Agreement form and receiving the invoice. The second part of the registration fee €600,- needs to be paid during the following 14 days after receiving the invoice. The registration fee is non refundable. 

NOTE ON OUR FEE POLICY: Dance in Art is an independent dance center that exists in the Netherlands art scene without the support of any public/private funding besides the tuition fees paid by the participants. The prices of the programs are the lowest we can currently offer. All teachers and management staff are paid with low wages to keep the fees contained, and there is a huge amount of enthusiasm, care and dedication that goes in the making of the different programs. Signing the terms and conditions form is binding and the payment cannot be refunded in case of non-participation in the program.

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