Dance Research Programs

Great Opportunities

“Working and collaborating with dancers
from different backrounds to
explore and expand teaching methods,
is one of the great opportunities
that Dance in Art has given me.” Vivian Pratanou 

Postgraduate Program

Dance Research Program

DiA dancers will receive intensive training in ballet and contemporary techniques. Supplemental classes will include pilates, yoga, physical theatre, visual arts, literature, photography, history of art, art business management and choreography. Their training in different art disciplines will be taught in relation to their study of dance. Students will receive intensive training, individual coaching, audition training, compositional and choreographic research opportunities.

DiA aims to provide a program, which meets the requirements of dancers seeking the skills required for a successful progression from training to employment. We provide the opportunities to extend individual understanding of the developing dancer through technical, creative and interdisciplinary choreographic experience.

By the end of the program the dancer will be able to demonstrate a level of competence in practice of dance techniques and interdisciplinary art projects. The dancer will demonstrate an extended creative level of achievement and will work confidently independently and collaboratively within different interdisciplinary dance contexts. Completion of the one year program DiA dancers will receive a professional photo and video portfolio and an official DiA diploma.

Taught program: 70%
Independent research: 30%

About DiA

The coherence between art subjects: Research prompts

What are the values of art disciplines, such as dance, music, visual art, literature and theatre, in the world? When is there coherence between these disciplines and what connects them? When is it meaningful for the different art disciplines to interact and when is this not meaningful? In other words, what are the boundaries for art disciplines to strengthen each other? How can dancers and visual artists work together in a productive way? How does music and literature invigorate each other? When is an interdisciplinary art project fulfilling its artistic goals and how do you structure such a project?

During the Dance in Art (DiA) Research Training Program, the dancers will get the chance to do in depth research regarding these questions. They will become critically engaged with the complex cultural and social contexts of art disciplines, furthering their own artistic development. The research will also allow dancers to broaden their current practical experience. With the training program that DiA has to offer, dancers will deepen their knowledge in a number of sources contiguous with the art of dance, such as philosophy, visual arts, music and literature. DiA training uses a methodology that was developed by the artistic director and choreographer Martine van Santen, during her study Master of Education in Arts at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Through this methodology and interdisciplinary art research, the dancers will become more knowledgeable in regards to other forms of art and design concepts. Our goal at DiA is to further educate and empower dancers to become more self-critical, to become more proactive and to be able to sustain their artistic individuality even in an increasingly difficult and linear artistic world.

DiA dancers will get the opportunity to interrogate and challenge their own dance experiences whilst deepening their understanding of how interdisciplinary forms of art can be of practical use within the wider context of current art education and dance performances. They will achieve these objectives through a sustained engagement with choreographic experimentation and exploration.

Duration Options

Accepted dancers may choose to enroll in this program for:
1 year,
6 months,
12 weeks.

Dates Season ’23 – ’24

28 SEPTEMBER ’23 – 30 JUNE ’24

TERM 1 – 2 OCTOBER ’23 – 29 MARCH ’24
TERM 2 – 9 JANUARY ’24 – 30 JUNE ’24

TERM 1 – 28 SEPTEMBER ’23 – 18 DECEMBER ’23
TERM 2 – 9 JANUARY ’24 – 29 MARCH ’24
TERM 3 – 1 APRIL ’24 – 30 JUNE ’24

Admission Requirements

All applicants should have successfully completed professional dance training. Applicants will be required to send an application form, a letter of motivation explaining your rationale for wanting to participate in the program, and a headshot. Acceptance into the program will be based on potential, technical and creative ability shown at the video audition.

To apply for the DiA Dance Research Program, please fill out the application form below and send application material via email to 


3 terms / 1 year: €4.490,-
2 terms / 6 months: €3.740,-
1 term / 3 months: €2.990,-

Registration fee (non refundable): €775,- (€600,- will be subtracted from the total fee when participating in the program).

Fees are excluded 21% VAT for dancers over 21 years of age.

Administration costs: €25, –

The first part of the registration fee €175, – + €25, – administration costs (total €200, -) must be paid within 14 days after signing the DiA Agreement form and receiving the invoice. The second part of the registration fee €600,- needs to be paid during the following 14 days after receiving the invoice. The registration fee is non refundable. 

NOTE ON OUR FEE POLICY: Dance in Art is an independent dance center that exists in the Netherlands art scene without the support of any public/private funding besides the tuition fees paid by the participants. The prices of the programs are the lowest we can currently offer. All teachers and management staff are paid with low wages to keep the fees contained, and there is a huge amount of enthusiasm, care and dedication that goes in the making of the different programs. Signing the terms and conditions form is binding and the payment cannot be refunded in case of non-participation in the program.

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