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“Dance in Art is warm,
creative, young, dynamic
and organic.” Malika Berney

The Performance Program is an intensive program focussing on perfecting the art and technique of young students as a formula for future professional practice, providing an ideal platform for future dancers and talented young choreographers to gain knowledge for the future.

Performance Program

The Performance Program is designed for talented dancers with extraordinary abilities in search of additional guidance, knowledge, experience and inspiration. The program is customized to each dancer’s physical and emotional needs. The program gives dancers the undivided attention of a respected teacher and industry professional whose sole aim is to have them reach their highest potential.

DiA’s dancers have the opportunity to refine their technique and improve dance performance capabilities necessary to further themselves in their dance careers. With an emphasis on personal attention and development, the program provides dancers with a better understanding of one’s own creativity and artistry. This program’s intensive approach will have positive effects on a dancer’s confidence and abilities so each individual can successfully move forward with their career in the dance industry.

Program outline

DiA training uses a methodology that was developed by the artistic director and choreographer Martine van Santen, during her study Master of Education in Arts. Through this methodology and interdisciplinary art research, the dancers will become more knowledgeable in regards to other forms of art and design concepts. Their training in different art disciplines will be taught in relation to their study of dance. The dancers will undertake technique classes and work with dance professionals in preparation for entering the dance world through performance training. They will be encouraged to take creative initiatives and build networks in a framework that supports professional collaboration and increases career opportunities.

Date of the next program – Autumn Performance Program +

Season 2024 – 2025

September 23rd 2024 – December 20th 2024

Fee: €1675, –

Date of the next program – Winter Performance Program +

Season 2024 – 2025

January 7th 2025 – March 30th 2025

Fee: €1675, –

Date of the next program – Spring Performance Program +

Season 2024 – 2025

April 1st 2025 – June 30th 2025

Fee: €1675, –

Who is it for?

The Performance Program is a combination of our Junior Company and Professional Dance Training program suited for dancers and choreographers with a solid and developed technical approach to dance. Key points are: intensive training in ballet and contemporary technique, performance experience, movement study/improvisation, choreography and one on one coaching.

Performance, Choreography & Solo creation

Dancers will perform works created on them by a successful artistic team within Dance in Art. The program is designed to foster a realistic appreciation of the professional working environment, encompassing rehearsal and production processes, creating work with choreographers and meeting the challenges of a professional performance day schedule. They will be guided through the process of creating work and expand their creative abilities. Throughout the program there will be projects and performance opportunities and at the end of each term, the artists will perform (in front of an audience), a version of their solo. A video captation will allow the artists to have quality video support so that they can share it with companies, funding organizations, etc.

What is the content of the program?

The program includes technique classes (ballet, floor barre, contemporary, floor work, urban contemporary), partnering workshops, pilates, yoga, repertoire, movement study/improvisation, choreographic research, choreographic creation, interdisciplinary art research and coaching.

Admission Requirements:

How to apply:

Please send us the application form and the following documents:
– Video: 2 minute solo (contemporary) (youtube or Vimeo Link)
– Video: 1 minute improvisation
– Video: Ballet class 5 minutes
– CV
– Motivation letter


Only complete applications will be considered.

To apply for the Performance Program, please fill out the application form below and send application material via email to

What is the schedule?

The program involves 300 hours during the span of a term. Each week of training consists of 25 hours of classes and workshops, Monday – Friday from 10 am to 6 pm split in 5 mornings and 3 afternoons. The program schedule is structured to allow artists to manage their other responsibilities and jobs, all while taking part in an extended program that is both personalized and demanding. The days of training of group A are Monday – Friday 10:00 – 12:00 and Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 13:00 – 18:00. The days of training of group B are Monday – Friday 10:00 – 12:00 and Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays 13:00 – 18:00.

Where will you be training

All classes and workshops are held at Broedplaats Bogota between Haarlem and Amsterdam. The space includes a dressing room, a kitchenette, a coaching studio, a dance- and theatre space with an Harlequin dance floor, a cafe, exhibition area, art- and music studios for 250 artists and a large studio for acrobatic training with Corpus Acrobatics.



Fee per term: €1675, – (3 months)

Registration fee (non refundable): €775,- (this is part of the 1675, – euro fee).

Fees are excluded 21% VAT for dancers over 21 years of age.

Administration costs: €25, –

The first part of the registration fee €175, – + €25, – administration costs (total €200, -) must be paid within 7 days after signing the DiA Agreement form and receiving the invoice. The second part of the registration fee €600,- needs to be paid during the following 7 days after receiving the invoice. The entire course fee needs to be paid before the start of the program. 

NOTE ON OUR FEE POLICY: Dance in Art is an independent dance center that exists in the Netherlands art scene without the support of any public/private funding besides the tuition fees paid by the participants. The prices of the programs are the lowest we can currently offer. All teachers and management staff are paid with low wages to keep the fees contained, and there is a huge amount of enthusiasm, care and dedication that goes in the making of the different programs. Signing the terms and conditions form is binding and the payment cannot be refunded in case of non-participation in the program.

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