DiA Junior Company

Dance to feel Good

“She gave me the key to step out from my comfort zone,
thanks to Martine van Santen and Dance in Art 15/16
I know that anything is possible.
If you stay hungry and go after your goals no matter what!
Dance to feel good!” Pauliina Pakarinen

DiA Junior Company

DiA Junior Company is the dance company of Dance in Art included in the framework of DiA’s Dance Research Programs. DiA provides students with a professional level, experience through working as a member of a contemporary dance company. The junior company works with 10 up to 15 dancers and performs a program of new work in a diverse range of venues throughout the Netherlands.

Increasingly dance graduates are being required to have more relevant company level experience before being offered auditions for employment. Company styles have evolved in recent years, competition for limited opportunities are intense. Graduates believing their training is complete, realize their professional training has only just begun!

DiA Junior Company specifically designs a training and performance regime, which will meet the requirements for young graduates, indeed one that provides that professional level guidance which is so critical.

DiA works on perfecting the art and technique of young students as a formula for future professional practice, providing an ideal platform for future dancers and talented young choreographers to gain knowledge for the future.

Company dancers will perform works created on them by a successful artistic team within Dance in Art. The training is designed to foster a realistic appreciation of the professional working environment, encompassing rehearsal and production processes, creating work with choreographers, delivering education workshops and meeting the challenges of a professional performance schedule.

A place with DiA is unique; it provides an unparalleled breadth, an unequalled relationship with the dance world and an individualized program unsurpassed anywhere within the Netherlands.

Program outline

DiA training uses a methodology that was developed by the artistic director and choreographer Martine van Santen, during her study Master of Education in Arts. Through this methodology and interdisciplinary art research, the dancers will become more knowledgeable in regards to other forms of art and design concepts. Their training in different art disciplines will be taught in relation to their study of dance. DiA dancers will receive intensive training in ballet, contemporary techniques, jazz techniques, partnering, repertoire, art management and compositional & choreographic research opportunities.

Annually we select 10 up to 15 dancers  for the DiA Junior Company. These dancers will undertake technique classes and work with dance professionals in preparation for entering the dance world through performance training. They will be encouraged to take creative initiatives and build networks in a framework that supports professional collaboration and increases career opportunities. From July 2021 till September 2021 the dancers get the opportunity to dance with the professional JLDT Dance Company in Malaysia and tour through Asia.

2021 – 2022

– Theatre Performances
– Location projects
– Interdisciplinary projects
– Guest choreographers

– Audition training

– Individual coaching

  • Professional photo portfolio and film material.

– Apprenticeship possibilities with: Chalk Dance (Canada) offering the possibility to work with former dancers from Mystic Ballet (USA).
– Workshops with Corpus Acrobatics (www.corpus-acrobatics.nl)

– Workshops repertoire Gross Dance Company (www.grossdancecompany.com) 
– FestivArt
– Option: 3 months Asian tour (July, August, September)

Admission Requirements:

All applicants should have successfully completed professional dance training.

How to apply: Please send us the application form and the following documents:
– Video: 2 minute solo (contemporary) (youtube or Vimeo Link)
– Video: 1 minute improvisation
– Video: Ballet; adagio barre & center (including pirouettes)
– CV
– Motivation letter

Email: info@danceinart.nl

Only complete applications will be considered.

To apply for the DiA Junior Program, please fill out the application form below and send application material via email to info@danceinart.nl.


Fee: €4900, –

Per term (3 terms): €1633, –

The fee is included 21% VAT.

Registration fee (non refundable): €775,- (€600,- will be subtracted from a one year fee during the third term payment when participating in the program).

Administration costs: €25, –

NOTE ON OUR FEE POLICY: Dance in Art is an independent dance center that exists in the Netherlands art scene without the support of any public/private funding besides the tuition fees paid by the participants. The prices of the programs are the lowest we can currently offer. All teachers and management staff are paid with low wages to keep the fees contained, and there is a huge amount of enthusiasm, care and dedication that goes in the making of the different programs. Signing the terms and conditions form is binding and the payment cannot be refunded in case of non-participation in the program.

Meet some of our Dancers

Lucia Spada (Italy)
Tamami Kame (Japan)
Léa Ambroise (France)

Meet some of our Graduates

Pauliina Pakarinen (Finland)
Viviana Pacchin (Italy)
Marion Bosetti (France)

Dance Artist Development Program

Do you want to create your own creative voice as a dancer and/or choreographer? If yes, then the Dance Artist Development Program is the professional program for you!

This program is suitable for dancers and choreographers who want to develop their creative voice and practice to become the artist they intent to be, within a learning and supportive environment.

Choreographic Research Program

The purpose of the DiA Choreographic Research program is to capture the vision of the next generation of dance artists. This program is for students with an established background in choreography. It has proved particularly fruitful for mature students who have been choreographing for some time and wish to take time to reflect on their work within a supportive environment. Students will create original works that foster cross-fertilization between choreography and other artistic disciplines.

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