DiA – who we are


“The core of each form of art is to place everyday and ordinary examples of human expression into an existential and universal perspective. It looks for ways to express the essence of our existence in this world”.

Dance in Art (DiA) is a private center for dance, art education and performance training. DiA offers a unique learning and research environment for aspiring artists and dance practitioners.

We foster an inclusive atmosphere, encouraging interaction between different forms of art. We have a small team of excellent teachers, many of whom are also practicing artists. Our team is highly committed to enabling our dancers to realize their full potential. Guest teachers, choreographers and other artists also contribute to the dancer’s development, enriching the learning experience. Our teaching and learning process is rigorous and the work is physically, mentally and intellectually challenging. The program demands commitment and dedication from each and every member involved.

The dancer’s voice plays a key role in our practice, allowing the program to stay current and relevant to the dancer’s needs. Our teaching builds curiosity, experimentation, self-motivation, independent thinking and self-discovery within every artist. The training program is focused particularly on providing the necessary path from school to the performing arts industry. Dance in Art brings people in contact with other forms of art, through dance.

Please explore our website to learn more about DiA and the projects we are undertaking. Thank you for your interest and support!