Four Seasons



DiA Performance

June 24th - Theater De Krakeling - 7:30pm
Four Seasons - Vivaldi - Max Richter
L'Estate (Summer) Opus 8, No. 2, in G minor I. Allegro non molto-- Under the heat of the burning summer sun, Languish man and flock; the pine is parched. The cuckoo finds its voice, and suddenly, The turtledove and goldfinch sing. A gentle breeze blows, But suddenly, the north wind appears. The shepherd weeps because, overhead, Lies the fierce storm, and his destiny. II. Adagio; Presto-- His tired limbs are deprived of rest By his fear of lightning and fierce thunder, And by furious swarms of flies and hornets. III. Presto-- Alas, how just are his fears, Thunder and lightening fill the Heavens, and the hail Slices the tops of the corn and other grain.
Chalk Dance
This piece is inspired by the women throughout history whose stories and lives went unrecorded or misrepresented, but whose experiences are still relevant to the over-arching history of women.  The title “Julias” specifically represents the many women in the Roman empire whose names and stories were determined by the men at the time. The boxes in this piece represent the burdens that are carried into the present and how the only way to understand the present and continue to move society forward is through the acknowledgement of the struggles faced by previous generations.
Beatrice Pellizzato
I started walking - we live in a world where women are still afraid of walking alone. In the street. In the dark. In an empty train station. But, what if it all changed? Would that be an illusion, a utopia?