Film: #METOO


Film director
We have all heard about #metoo, from stories of a friend or maybe have had an experience with it ourselves. The hashtag is maybe less present but still very accurate. I remember reading yet another article about power and abuse, involving a University professor and students. Which made me think about paying a tribute to this movement by making a dance film, so that we can spread the message even further. Because #metoo is not just a moment.

Sophie Koster 

Inspired by this movement, choreographer Martine van Santen, the dancers of Dance in Art and I as a filmmaker combined our strengths. We’ve made a short dance film where we follow different characters who go through a certain phase that a #metoo victim has experienced. Including spoken texts that are written and inspired by #metoo victims that guide you through these phases: innocence, violence and silence.

I’m so proud of this incredible project that we created, thanks to the amazing crew and crowdfunding. Filming and dancing at a horse riding school, the dunes, shops in the city and underwater is not a daily activity, so I’m very grateful the team joined me in this adventure. Hopefully you can watch this film with these strong dancers and touching choreography soon.

The film has been selected and won awards, but due to the coronavirus still has to be officially premiered in the Netherlands. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Short Film Factory (New York, Boston, New Orleans, Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco) – Award Winner
  • Paris Play Film festival (Parijs) – Award Winner Best Dance
  • LAFA (Los Angeles) – Award Winner
  • Lady Filmmakers Festival (Beverly Hills)
  • New Renaissance (Amsterdam)
  • Experimental Dance Music Film Festival (Toronto)
  • Frostbite Indie Fest (Colorado)