Fábio Blanco

Teacher: Contemporary - floorwork



Fábio Blanco was born in Setúbal, Portugal at September 4 th of 1993. He began his studies in dance at the National Conservatory Shcool of Lisbon with only 7 years old, completing the professional dancer course in 2012.

Throughout his path at the conservatory he works with national and international renown choreographers and teachers such as: Mikhail Zavialov, André Mesquita, Nina Ananiashvili, Ken Ossola among others.
Before finishing his studies, he was invited by Vasco Wellenkamp to join the Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company (CPBC), a company he joined in February 2013 after a six month contract with the French
company Europa Danse, where he performs almost sixty shows in touneé Throughout France under direction of Jean Albert Cartier.

With Vasco Wellenkamp, he danced “Fado -Ritual e Sombras”; ballet co- produced with the Dutch company IDT – International DansTheater, among other national theaters.

Participates in the project of MetropolitanArts “3 Choreographers” where dances “Veronica” by Gagik Ismailian and “Uma noite com Ella” by Benvindo Fonseca. In 2015 he is invited to integrate the piece “Eros and Psiquê” produced by the Contemporary Dance Company of Évora (CDCE), directed by Nélia Pinheiro, who then invites him to join the cast of the company. 

As a dancer of CDCE he does enumerous national and international shows such as; India, Algeria, South Africa, Georgia, Turkey, Thailand among others. In 2016 he made his debut as a choreographer assistant for the dancer / choreographer Gustavo Oliveira for the piece “Where’s my self” with the Italian company OpusBallet.

On March of 2018 he starts working with Quorum Ballet Company, directed by Daniel Cardoso, where he performs “Rite of Spring”by Daniel Cardoso and also performs “Correr o Fado” by Daniel Cardoso in Germany.

He performed with the dance companies Isabelle Beernaert and Companie Ahimsa. Currently he continues his work at dance company Sally, Maastricht.