Performance Program


The Performance Program is a 3-month intensive program focussing on perfecting the art and technique of young students as a formula for future professional practice, providing an ideal platform for future dancers and talented young choreographers to gain knowledge for the future.
The Performance Program is designed for talented dancers with extraordinary abilities in search of additional guidance, knowledge, experience and inspiration. The program is customized to each dancer’s physical and emotional needs. The program gives dancers the undivided attention of a respected teacher and industry professional whose sole aim is to have them reach their highest potential.  

DiA’s dancers have the opportunity to refine their technique and improve dance performance capabilities necessary to further themselves in their dance careers. With an emphasis on personal attention and development, the program provides dancers with a better understanding of one’s own creativity and artistry. This program’s intensive approach will have positive effects on a dancer’s confidence and abilities so each individual can successfully move forward with their career in the dance industry.

Who is it for?

The Performance Program is a combination of our Junior Company and Professional Dance Training program suited for dancers and choreographers with a solid and developed technical approach to dance. Key points are: intensive training in ballet and contemporary technique, performance experience, movement study/improvisation, choreography and one on one coaching.