Performance Program full season


Performance Program 3 terms
The Performance Program is a combination of our Junior Company and Professional Dance Training program suited for dancers and choreographers with a solid and developed technical approach to dance.    
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Dancers will perform works created on them by a successful artistic team within Dance in Art. The program is designed to foster a realistic appreciation of the professional working environment, encompassing rehearsal and production processes, creating work with choreographers and meeting the challenges of a professional performance day schedule. They will be guided through the process of creating work and expand their creative abilities. Throughout the 3 months there will be projects and performance opportunities and at the end of the term, the artists will perform (in front of an audience), a version of their solo.


The mentorship program is designed purely to address the needs of the individual artist. Technique schedule and classes are tailored to the individual dancer by the mentor. DiA’s dancers have the to opportunity to refine their technique and improve dance performance capabilities necessary to further themselves in their dance careers. With an emphasis on personal attention and development, the Mentorship Program provides dancers with a better understanding of one’s own creativity and artistry. This program’s intensive approach will have positive effects on a dancer’s confidence and abilities so each individual can successfully move forward with their career in the dance industry.


The coherence between art subjects: Research prompts

What are the values of art disciplines, such as dance, music, visual art, literature and theatre, in the world? When is there coherence between these disciplines and what connects them? When is it meaningful for the different art disciplines to interact and when is this not meaningful? How can dancers and visual artists work together in a productive way? How does music and literature invigorate each other?

During the Dance Research Program, the dancers will get the chance to do in depth research regarding these questions. They will become critically engaged with the complex cultural and social contexts of art disciplines, furthering their own artistic development.


The dancer/choreographer will create original works that foster cross- fertilization between choreography and other artistic disciplines. The focus of the program will encourage the development of concepts and processes, which expand the language and aesthetics of interdisciplinary dance performances. The curriculum is designed to allow each graduate student to explore their own unique creative processes, to define their own particular aesthetic, and to discover and develop their own distinctive movement and performance language. The final project questions the common parameters of dance and interdisciplinary art. It will manifest as a project or performance, and could take the form of a site-specific work, an installation, a video, a collaborative piece or a work involving non-trained dancers.